High Court quashes ‘unlawful’ vaccine mandate for police and defence force staff

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Feb 25, 2022 |

The High Court has quashed the Covid-19 vaccine mandate for police and Defence Force staff.

On 6 January, three unvaccinated staff sought a judicial review of the mandate.

Justice Cooke today released his decision which upheld their claims the vaccination order breached their rights under the Bill of Rights Act.

He said the mandate infringed on section 11 and section 15 of the Act.

He concluded that Omicron did pose a threat to the continuity of workforces, including Police and Defence Force workforces because it was so transmissible, but that this was the case for the vaccinated as well as the unvaccinated.

The Detective Senior Sergeant who successfully challenged the vaccination mandates for police and Defence Force spoke to Chris Lynch.

Ryan Yardley said today’s High Court decision paves the way for other professionals who have lost their jobs because of the mandates.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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