Islamic Women’s Council pays tribute to Jacinda Ardern ahead of valedictory speech

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Apr 05, 2023 |

Islamic Women’s Council of New Zealand National Coordinator Aliya Danzeisen

The Islamic Women’s Council of New Zealand has paid tribute to former Prime Minster Jacinda Ardern ahead of her valedictory speech in Parliament tonight.

Islamic Women’s Council of New Zealand National Coordinator Aliya Danzeisen said “four years ago, after the horrific terrorist acts blew New Zealand and our Muslim community onto the global stage, Ms. Ardern clearly identified with Muslim women by donning the hijab in solidarity with us as we mourned.”

“This was a powerful act and statement, done at the time when other countries where banning Muslim women from wearing the headscarf in public” Danzeisen said.

“Although Muslim women represent only about half of one percent of the population, as Prime Minister, Ms. Ardern was accessible to the Islamic Women’s Council and she instructed her Ministers and the relevant public servants to meet with us and listen to the challenges facing our community, thereby ensuring Muslimah needs were thoroughly and appropriately considered.”

Danzeisen said said “Ms Ardern’s leadership and presence amongst our community have inspired NZ Muslim women to do more and to step into leadership spaces previously considered inaccessible.

“This past July she supported our Council to run a national leadership forum, and she was part of the impetus for the establishment of a mentoring project that is set to allow for the development of Muslim female leadership long into the future.

“We, at the Islamic Women’s Council of New Zealand, wish Ms. Ardern well in her future endeavours and we are confident she will continue to contribute to New Zealand and the world. May she find renewed strength to do so.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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