Investigation underway: sexually explicit video involving a Christchurch teacher surfaces online

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Apr 14, 2023 |

An employment investigation is underway after a sexually explicit video surfaced online allegedly involving a Christchurch school teacher.

Concerned parents contacted Chris Lynch Media after the X-rated video was shared with their children.

For legal reasons, the teacher and the school‘s identity can’t be named.

However, in a statement emailed to Chris Lynch Media, the principal said “while I cannot comment on anything related to confidential employment relationships, I can confirm that we take all matters very seriously.”

“We have very strong processes to work through issues and seek and follow advice and guidance from the New Zealand School Trustees Association,” the principal said.

“We also have a strong relationship with the Ministry of Education and seek to act in line with best practice at all times.”

A New Zealand Teachers Council spokesman said “employers are required by law to report any potential serious misconduct to us.”

“We then assess, investigate (if needed), and take appropriate action. However, all investigations, cases, and matters we process are strictly confidential. This is to maintain confidentiality and natural justice.”

“The Teaching Council may instigate its own investigation in some cases, even if a complaint or mandatory report hasn’t been received,” the spokesman said.

“We are not able to disclose whether or not we have received a complaint about this teacher at this time. However, details of cases that appear before the Disciplinary Tribunal are made available to the public.”

A Ministry of Education spokesperson said they had not received or are aware of any complaints.

“As the Ministry of Education is not the employer, this is not a matter for us to investigate.”

On the Teachers Council website’s Code of Conduct, it said “directing, or encouraging behaviour or communication of a sexual nature with, or towards, the child or young person was seen as a serious breach.

The video appears to have been screen recorded. However, it’s unclear if the person who recorded the video was a child or an adult.

A police spokesperson said no complaint had been made.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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