Hunters warned not to leave firearms in cars

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Apr 10, 2024 |


Police are warning hunters to be mindful of security during this hunting season and are reminding people not to leave firearms in unattended vehicles.

Over the past few days, police have been notified of a rifle stolen from a ute in North Canterbury and three ute break ins.

A police spokesperson said, “It is important all firearms are removed from vehicles left unoccupied for extended periods to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.”

“We know a lot of hunters will be heading out to partake in this year’s ‘Roar’ and with duck shooting season just around the corner, it is a timely reminder to take care with the security of firearms,” they said.

When you are travelling to your favourite hunting spot, police are encouraging people to understand safe transportation:

• Your firearms and ammunition should be concealed from view and stored separately.

• Make sure they are secured away when you leave your vehicle for short periods of time – no more than 60 minutes.

• Never leave your firearms or ammunition in a vehicle overnight.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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