Historic Memorial Gates at Lancaster Park Set for Rededication

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Oct 31, 2023 |

Photo: Christchurch City Council

In an iconic moment of restoration and remembrance, sports enthusiasts will once again tread the path through the Memorial Gates on Stevens Street, Lancaster Park.

The gates, steeped in history and symbolism, have been restored after sustaining damage in the devastating 2010/11 Canterbury earthquakes.

On Armistice Day, Saturday 11 November at 12.30 pm, Mayor Phil Mauger will lead a poignant ceremony, rededicating the gates to the community.

Constructed in 1924, the gates stand as a solemn tribute to the valiant Canterbury athletes who made the ultimate sacrifice during World War I.

Dennis Mardle, the President of Christchurch Memorial RSA, extended an invitation to the community, saying, “We’re urging everyone to come together in unity, taking a minute’s silence to honour the brave athletes commemorated by this memorial.”

As the Head of Parks at Christchurch City Council, Andrew Rutledge, delved into the intricate process behind the restoration, he said, “The refurbishment began in 2021 and was a part of the broader vision for the Lancaster Park redevelopment project.” He went on to remark on the park’s legendary status, “Generations have grown up with memories etched in the very heart of Lancaster Park. Our mission has been to preserve and celebrate that storied past.”

In addition to the rededication, the Council has a surprise up its sleeve for history buffs and sports fans alike.

They are set to unveil the ‘Arc of History’, a visual journey through Lancaster Park’s illustrious 130-year history.

Rutledge shed light on the installation, sharing, “The arc brings to life iconic moments, from Peter Snell’s 800m record to U2’s electrifying concert before a 60,000-strong audience.

“We’ve invited special guests who have ties to Lancaster Park to assist in revealing the 12 panels to the public. Many depicted in the Arc or their descendants will be present during this unveiling.”

The ceremony commences at 12.30 pm on Saturday, 11 November, at the Memorial Gates, Stevens Street. For those driving, parking provisions have been arranged on Lismore Street, Wilsons Road North, and Stevens Street.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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