Heartbroken Christchurch resident believes dog stolen from her property

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Apr 19, 2023 |


A Christchurch resident is devastated after her beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Luna, went missing under suspicious circumstances.

Georgia Holt believes that her dog was stolen from her property in Mairehau while she was at work on Wednesday.

According to Holt, she left her home at 6:45 AM to go to work and her friend visited her house at 9:30 AM.

Her friend told her that Luna was not on the property and that the gate was latched shut as they left it.

Holt and her friends have searched tirelessly for Luna and received two calls from concerned neighbours about someone walking the dog at approximately 8:30 AM the same day.


Holt has reached out to local vets, the SPCA, the pound and community Facebook groups.

She has also put up flyers in the area and asked her neighbours to check their road-facing camera footage.

Despite their efforts, they have not received any leads.

Luna is a one-year-old, spayed, female dog who is very friendly.

She is Blenheim (tan and white).

Holt believes that Luna may have been stolen, especially since it is school holidays, and there are many children in the area she said. She finds it suspicious that not a single person has seen her.

The disappearance of Luna is a heartbreaking experience for Holt, who is pleading for anyone with information about Luna’s whereabouts to come forward.

Holt is urging people to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the authorities.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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