‘Heart racing’ First Division Lotto win in Hornby

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 29, 2023 |


A Christchurch woman is half-a-million dollars better off with a First Division win after last Saturday’s Lotto draw.

The woman, a regular Lotto player, bought a Power Dip last week at Hornby Mall Lotto and said her “heart was racing” when she realised she had won.

“I totally forgot about it until after the draw on Saturday when I went to get a drink. I saw my ticket there on the fridge and decided to check it. I looked at the winning numbers online and saw they matched all of those on one of my lines,” she said.

“It was a crazy feeling. I scanned my ticket on my phone about fifty times to make sure it was real!”

The woman checked online to see how many winners there were for the draw and was “over the moon” to discover she’d won $500,000.

After a sleepless night, the woman claimed her prize the next afternoon.

Days later the woman said she’s “still shocked. It will take a while for it to sink in.”

“I can’t wait to celebrate with my nearest and dearest. I plan to enjoy some travel overseas and then have a good think about what to do next.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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