Healthy Christchurch men sought for breast cancer research

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Apr 30, 2022 |

New Zealand Clinical Research is putting put out a call for healthy men in Auckland and Christchurch to be part of two large trials researching potential new treatments for breast cancer. 

The trials use male volunteers, as men are unlikely to ever need the drug in the clinical setting.  

One trial is investigating a potential new biosimilar, or copy, of the breast cancer medication Trastuzumab (commonly known as Herceptin).

Herceptin is approved in New Zealand and overseas for the treatment of HER2-positive cancers. 

While it is funded in New Zealand, it is an expensive medication and there are limitations on access.  Development of a biosimilar for Herceptin would mean a greater, cheaper supply of medication.

The other trial is looking at a new way of administering breast cancer medications, Herceptin and Pertuzumab (commonly known as Perjeta) that could provide benefits to many patients. 

The two trials will run at NZCR in Auckland and Christchurch and will evaluate safety and side effects, levels of drug in the blood over time and the body’s immune response to the drug.

NZCR wants males aged 18-65 who don’t take any regular medications to take part in this research project.

Participants are required to stay in an NZCR unit for 2 – 4 nights and attend follow up clinic visits. Reimbursement for time and inconvenience is provided.  

Principal Investigator, Oncologist, Dr Chris Wynne said NZCR had a long history of cancer research.

Men who have an interest in supporting breast cancer research should visit the NZCR website or to email [email protected] for further information on these trials.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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