New Zealand Nurses Organisation puts out “incorrect” information

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jun 20, 2024 |

Health New Zealand has accused the New Zealand Nurses Organisation of disseminating “incorrect information.”

In a statement released on Thursday,  the NZNO claimed as part of its ongoing “cost-containment” measures, Health New Zealand was freezing the employment of graduate nurses into the hospital system.

“The mid-year intakes for the Nurse Entry to Practice and Nurse Entry to Specialist Practice programmes, which provide essential support and professional development for graduates during their first year of practice, will be paused.”

The press release triggered significant distress among student nurses, prompting many to contact Chris Lynch Media with their concerns.

However, Nadine Gray, Chief Nurse, Health NZ | Te Whatu Ora, told Chris Lynch Media “There is no pause on the recruitment of graduate nurses by Health New Zealand.

“Any statements saying otherwise are incorrect.”

“The graduate process is still underway, applicants have expressed their preferences and matching is happening across the sector. 

“We are continuing to employ graduate nurses, focussing on the areas where we have vacancies.

It is important to remember that the health sector in New Zealand is bigger than just Health NZ, Graduates may also be employed in primary/community care, aged residential care or public health.”

Chris Lynch Media forwarded the full statement from the NZNO to Health New Zealand.

In response, Health New Zealand reiterated, “There is no pause on the recruitment of graduate nurses by Health New Zealand. Any statements saying otherwise are incorrect.”

Chris Lynch Media then phoned a communications person at the NZNO and was told “no comment” and was told to send an email.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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