Health Committee seeks public input on aged care sector inquiry

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jul 08, 2024 |
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The Health Committee is calling on the public to provide their views on a crucial inquiry into the aged care sector’s capacity to support individuals with neurological cognitive disorders.

This move comes as part of the Government’s commitment to addressing the growing concerns surrounding aged care provision in New Zealand.

The inquiry aims to assess the current state and future needs of the aged care sector, focusing on the services available for people with neurological cognitive disorders.

These conditions, which include dementia and other cognitive impairments, require specialised care that is currently in short supply across the country.

A key aspect of the inquiry is to understand the adequacy of services provided at various levels of care, from home and community support to residential and palliative care.

The committee will also examine the funding models in place, exploring both local practices and successful international examples to ensure sustainable and effective financial support for the sector.

Additionally, the inquiry will look into the resources available within the health system and how well it supports the concept of “aging in place,” especially for priority populations.

This involves evaluating the process of applying for funding and care resources, which has been identified as a significant challenge for many families.

An important part of the inquiry will be to establish appropriate asset thresholds for individuals with neurological cognitive disorders, ensuring that financial assessments do not hinder access to necessary care.

The process of diagnosing these disorders and the impact of such diagnoses on funding and treatment will also be scrutinised.

The Health Committee is keen to hear from the public on these issues and encourages people to make their submissions by 11:59 PM on Monday, 19 August 2024.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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