Green light for remaining Source to Sea Walkway

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 07, 2023 |

CCC, Source to Sea Walkway. Supplied.

The green light has been given to complete the final two-thirds of the Pūharakekenui-Styx Source to Sea Walkway.

About 3.5 kilometres of the walkway have already been completed and 16 new sections for the remaining network of paths and boardwalks were approved by the Waimāero Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Community Board on Tuesday.

The 10.3 kilometre-long walkway is being built progressively and will form an important part of the 2000-2040 Styx Vision, aimed at restoring and establishing a spring-fed ecosystem throughout the length of the river and its tributaries.

Christchurch City Council biodiversity team leader Antony Shadbolt said, “It is being constructed in sections as funding becomes available, however we wanted to get approval for the remainder of the walkway to avoid case-by-case site approval.”

“This will help to streamline the process and avoid staff needing to come back to the board for approval as opportunities to construct different sections arise,” Shadbolt said.

More than 81 percent of the waterway is now in public ownership and significant land protection and restoration activities have been completed or are underway.

“Once complete, the Source to Sea Walkway will allow the public to access the diverse natural environments which exist alongside the river corridor, for recreational activities and the enjoyment of nature,” he said.

A section linking the NZTA shared path with Ouruhia Domain has been prioritised for construction this financial year, completing a strategic link in the walkway.

Waimāero Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Community Board chairperson Bridget Williams said, “It will be a wonderful asset to connect people to nature. I know there will be many people who will enjoy and benefit from it once it’s complete.”

Sections constructed so far are in Styx Mill Conservation Reserve, Redwood Springs, Te Waoku Kahikatea Reserve, Te Waoku Kapuka Reserve, Kā Pūtahi Confluence Conservation Reserve, Janet Stewart Reserve, Kā Pūtahi Community Orchard, and a short section in a new subdivision on Styx Mill Road. 

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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