Givealittle launched to support Mama Hooch survivors

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 27, 2023 |

Danny and Roberto Jaz. Photo: POOL

A Give a Little page has been launched to support the 31 survivors of the Mama Hooch trials.

Danny and Roberto Jaz, were convicted of 69 charges – including rape, sexual violation and stupefying at Christchurch bar Mama Hooch and nearby restaurant Venuti.

Both men repeatedly abused that position to prey on young women, slipping drugs into drinks they were serving.

They were jailed last month, Roberto for 16-and-a-half years, and Danny for 17 years.

They are now appealing their convictions.

The official Give a Little page was created by one of the survivors.

She has organised for funds raised to be evenly disbursed to the victims, providing them with the necessary resources to help rebuild their lives.

“Operation Sinatra involved an incomparable number of victims,” she said.

“For various reasons it took five years to go to trial and throughout this time the survivors were under enormous pressure and intense legal pressure.

“They’ve experienced unimaginable challenges and made tremendous sacrifices along the way.

“For some, the impact has been so overwhelming it’s infiltrated every aspect of their lives. Education and studies have been impacted. Some have had to move cities and one even moved to Australia to escape the perpetrators. Others have had to take time off work to support their recovery and experienced significant loss of wages from not being able to work full time.

“One couple was due to be married in late 2023 but decided to postpone their wedding due to the stress of the trial. For others the trial took a significant toll on their mental and emotional well-being.

“What happened to us was insidious, but this will not define us. We all now deserve to move on with lives.

May this mark the start of a bright and beautiful future ahead.

“I thank Aotearoa for your unwavering kindness and compassion towards the survivors, you have truly touched our hearts. It’s my hope the proceeds of the Give a Little Fund is used by each survivor to relieve any financial constraints they endured, or to help fulfil any future aspirations that lead to a better and stronger future.”

Another survivor Sophie Brown said “while these men face years behind bars, they were not ordered to pay survivors reparations for their actions; furthermore, they relied on taxpayer money to fund their trial.

The fact that our – survivors – money is being spent to defend the men who abused us is frankly disgusting.

“While numerical values like years on a sentence, or dollars fundraised, can’t undo what these predators have done, uplifting some of the historical financial burden survivors have faced is an incredible blessing.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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