Four hikers trapped by fire rescued by volunteers

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jan 02, 2024 |

Photo Coastguard Canterbury

Coastguard Canterbury volunteers rescued four hikers trapped by a fire at Purau Bay.

Emergency services received a call around 4.30 PM to a scrub fire at Stoddart Point Reserve.

Reuben Cowan, a volunteer with Coastguard Canterbury and master of the rescue vessel ‘Canterbury Rescue’, said: “After assisting a broken-down vessel in Lyttelton Harbour, we were notified about four individuals trapped by a fire at Purau Bay.”

The volunteer crew located the hikers on rocks under the fire near the entrance of the bay.

The team managed to maneuver their rescue vessel through the rocky area and safely extracted the individuals.

The rescued individuals were assessed for injuries and then taken to a safe location.

The Coastguard collaborated with Diamond Harbour Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) in providing safety assistance for the helicopter and fire crews near the shoreline.

The fire has been extinguished.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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