Three Christchurch takeaway restaurants close their doors

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Apr 12, 2023 |

Christchurch hospitality sector has been dealt another blow with the closure of three takeaway restaurants.

Three Dubba Dubba restaurants folded, with its parent companies owing an estimated $1.1 million.

However, Dubba Dubba Bush Inn has been taken over by a new management team and was still open.

Its manager said “it was still the same staff members who continue the quality and service.”

The other Dubba Dubba restaurants were located in key Christchurch areas such as Moorhouse Avenue, Hereford Street, and Ferrymead.

In a liquidator’s report dated 22 of December it said “the company struggled through the Covid-19 pandemic cashflow issues.”

“Turnover at the restaurant had not been sufficient to make the venue profitable.”

Adel Aberkane, the sole director of Now Now Brands Limited, made efforts to sell the business but faced no success.

Despite Now Now Brands Limited not being in liquidation, Aberkane eventually sought professional advice and made the decision to liquidate the company.

Dubba Dubba in Bush Inn remains open under new management

According to another report on the Companies Office website, the Ferrymead branch closed its doors in mid-2022, citing a lack of staff.

The Moorhouse location followed suit, shutting down in December 2022.

In another report on the Companies Office website it said “Ferrymead was closed middle of 2022 due to lack of staff, Moorhouse was closed December 2022.

Staff members at the Ferrymead branch await $10,000 in compensation.

The Inland Revenue is owed $310,000.

Brenton Hunt of Insolvency Matters was the liquidator.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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