Race Relations Commissioner condemns racist post by former Green Party candidate

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 07, 2021 |

The Race Relations Commissioner has condemned a video posted on social media featuring a former Green Party Candidate.

In the post, Lourdes Vano is seen dancing and smiling to the song ‘Lay It Down’ by Lloyd, while the words “I am this close to committing homicide. White people truly working double time on being a nuisance today” appear on the screen.

Vano was number 15 on the Green Party list last year at aged 18.

At the start of her political campaign, Vano wrote “anti-racism is such an important stance to take. Not-racist is just not enough.”

Responding to the video, Meng Foon said “inciting violence is unacceptable and I would not condone such behaviour.”

“In the light of the recent Auckland attacks, it is particularly important that we all be sensitive when talking about race and colour and acts of violence, even if behaving in a satirical or supposedly humorous manner.”

Foon said “now more than ever with the stresses of Covid and the recent high profile violent act, it is important for everyone in Aoteroa New Zealand to come together in support and manaakitanga.”

“We all have the right to be treated with respect, dignity and equity and we should not be harassed, taunted or teased because of our colour, our accent, the way we dress, the food we eat or anything else related to race or ethnicity” Meng Foon said.

A police spokeswoman said “for privacy reasons, we’re not able to respond to queries seeking information in relation to specific individuals.”

Lourdes Vano’s social media account has been taken offline.

A Green Party spokesman said “the video is not in line with Green Party kaupapa, and the ex-candidate has since removed this.”

“The Green Party Co-Convenors will be speaking to our wider Green Party membership about our social media guidelines around harmful content.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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