Former employee accused of embezzling funds from Christchurch Football Club

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Dec 06, 2023 |

A former worker from the Christchurch Football Club (Rugby) has been accused of significant financial misconduct.

The club, which is located on Westminster Street in Mairehau has filed an official complaint with the police, although no charges have been laid as of yet.

According to a well-placed source, the former worker, who held a senior position, concluded their employment with CFC in early October, and is alleged to have embezzled at least $80,000 from the club.

The discovery of unauthorised transactions was made post their departure, highlighting potential further financial discrepancies that are yet to be uncovered.

The former worker allegedly created fraudulent invoices which were sent to sponsors and visiting clubs for events held at CFC.

Chris Lynch Media has learned these invoices contained a bank account number not associated with the club.

Evidence of these transactions has been obtained from the former worker’s club email, recovered by the club’s IT department.

The source expressed concerns about the breadth of the alleged embezzlement and the need to “publicise this information.”

The source believes that the extent of the alleged financial misconduct could be greater than currently known.

No other staff were being investigated and it’s understood the former worker acted alone.

CFC Board Chairman Craig Calder confirmed a police investigation was underway.

“The Board of the Christchurch Football Club inc received their financial accounts to the end of the 2023 financial year.

“In conjunction with the club’s external accountants and solicitors, the club advised their members at their recent AGM that there had been an extensive audit investigation undertaken.

“The club had discovered some internal financial irregularities which have been and are still being investigated.

“A complaint has been lodged with the police who are working through their processes.

“The club was not able to furnish or release their annual financial accounts and results, until investigations are completed and if and when charges have been laid by the police.

The club is otherwise in a healthy financial state.”

Chris Lynch Media made multiple attempts to contact the former worker on Wednesday.

However it’s understood they were leaving New Zealand for the UK today.

Police was contacted for comment regarding the allegations, including inquiries about their awareness of the former employee’s departure from New Zealand.

In response, a spokesperson said they were unable to provide any comments on the matter, citing privacy considerations.

Chris Lynch
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