Firefighters remain at the scene of a large fire in Woolston. [New video]

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 17, 2022 |

A large fire continues to burn at scrap metal yard in Christchurch.

Fire crews were called to the fire at National Steel on Garlands Rd in Woolston at about 8pm.

At least 45 firefighters are at the blaze. Scrap metal including cars remain on fire.

A Fire Command Unit is also at the scene.

Large explosions could be heard coming from the yard, with enough force to shake the ground.

Firefighters are trying to tackle the blaze at the base of the facility and from above using ladders.

A Fire spokesperson said public should stay away from the incident and stay away from the smoke, including any down wind smoke.

Roads across the area have been closed and are expected to remain closed well into the morning.

Nearby Christchurch Bull Breed Recuse was evacuated, and animals were being transferred to Christchurch City Council facilities overnight.  

Fire crews from Lyttleton, Ilam and the Airport have been called to the scene.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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