Fire crews at vegetation fire near Bottle Lake Forest

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Dec 20, 2023 |

Multiple fire and emergency crews are at the scene of a vegetation fire in Christchurch.

Photo: Taylor Reid


Photo: Emma Dee


The fire is located near Bottle Lake Forest.

 It’s understood sand dune vegetation is on fire.

A Fire and Emergency Command Unit has been set up near the scene.

Photo: OnSceneMedia


The fire is about 20 square metres. Three high pressure hoses are being used to put the blaze out.

Photo: Graeme Foster


Smoke is visible from many parts of Burwood.

More Fire and Emergency crews are being called to the scene.

Photo: Jarrod Henderson

Photo: Georgia Waghorn


A witness near the scene said winds in the area were picking up.

 We’ll have more soon.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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