National announces tougher punishment for ram-raiders

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jun 30, 2023 |

National will introduce two changes to criminal and sentencing rules to ensure there are real consequences for ram-raiders, National’s Justice spokesperson Paul Goldsmith said.

“Since Labour came to power, ram raids have increased by a staggering 551 per cent.

“So far, Labour’s approach has been to wring its hands and do nothing, but that’s not working for business owners getting a call at 3am because a car has smashed through their shop.

“New Zealanders deserve to feel safe in their homes, workplaces and communities.

 “That’s why, as part of our suite of law and order policies, National is today announcing two common-sense legislative changes that will tackle the wave of ram-raids that is devastating for retailers and communities.”

National will make filming and publishing a crime an offender is involved in an aggravating factor in the Sentencing Act to target adults involved in ram raids and crack down on the trend of ram-raiders filming their crimes and sharing them online.

It also wants to expand the serious offence criteria for National’s proposed Young Serious Offender (YSO) category to include filming and publishing a ram raid.

“Police say social media is exacerbating the ram raid epidemic, with offenders posting their crimes online, encouraging copy-cat offending and glorifying a dangerous act.

“Additionally, it puts victims at greater risk of being re-traumatised if the incident is circulating online.

“It’s encouraging that social media companies are already starting to remove some accounts of individuals connected to criminal behaviour, and National will go a step further.

“Under National’s plan, someone can be designated a Young Serious Offender if they have committed two or more serious offences. This new category will provide greater powers to detain, monitor, and sentence serious repeat offenders to military academies and put them on a better life path.

“Today’s announcement will mean a young person who broadcasts their ram-raid can be designated a Young Serious Offender even if it is their first serious crime.

“National is the party of law and order, and we will take real action to clamp down on ram-raiders and make Kiwis safer.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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