Family of Shirley Warrington waiting for confirmation her body has been found

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 06, 2021 |

The family of Shirley Warrington is waiting for Christchurch police to confirm whether a body found in the Port Hills this morning is the missing 85-year-old.

Shirley has been missing since July 10.

A body was discovered near the Bridle Path not far from the Christchurch Gondola carpark.

Police officers have been searching the start of the Bridle Path track for most of the day, local residents have said.

A bunch of flowers has been pinned to a nearby tree.

Shirley’s granddaughter Aleisha Elizabeth wrote on the “Search for Shirley” Facebook page.

“Thank you to everyone for your kind words and support after hearing the news that a body has been found in the Port Hills area, likely being Shirley.”

“We are still waiting on the Police to give us the proper confirmation that it is our Shirley they have found.”

“We don’t mind discussion around this but please be patient and respectful of others.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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