Emergency services at house fire in Burnside

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Feb 19, 2024 |


Emergency services remain at the scene of a house fire in Burnside.

They were called to Kendal Ave just after 7.30AM.

A Fire and Emergency spokesman told Chris Lynch Media two fire appliances, one from Ilam station and the other from Redwood station were called to the scene.

Shortly after they were called, backup was request and crews from Christchurch City station also attended.

The spokesman said by the time they arrived, the house was “well involved.”

There was concerns that occupants may have been home due to the time of day, however after a search no one was found.

At 9.20AM, one Fire and Emergency unit was still at the scene.

There’s no word yet on the cause of the fire, which gutted much of the house.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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