Elevated levels of odour expected today from wastewater plant

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Apr 12, 2023 |

Wastewater treatment plant staff have warned that there may be elevated levels of odour as key aerators on the first oxidation pond are switched on today.

Operations Manager, Adam Twose, said that while seven aerators had already been switched on to churn large amounts of oxygen into the wastewater, the final four aerators were situated over an area where there was a known larger sludge build-up at the base of the pond.

“We have waited until today to turn these on, to take advantage of the forecasted southwest wind direction that will dissipate odours as much as possible before they reach any distant residential areas,” Twose said.

He added that while the strength of the odours from the stirred-up sludge was not known, they were expected to be temporary, lasting hours rather than days. The wastewater treatment plant team is doing its best to minimise the effects on the community and will monitor and respond to the odours and weather as much as possible.

The final disc aerators, which will push flow around the pond, are expected to be switched on by Friday.

The aerators are expected to improve the biological health of the pond and see better-quality wastewater then flow through the pond network.

Mr Twose noted that the aerators would ensure the ponds continued to stay healthy and function well, as they had done over the summer.

He urged people to visit ccc.govt.nz/wastewaterfire for more information on the wastewater fire recovery project.

Residents in the area have been advised to keep their windows closed if they notice any odour coming from the wastewater treatment plant.

The plant has been in recovery mode since the fire in August last year, which caused extensive damage.

The recovery project is set to continue for several months.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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