Ecan proposes 24.2% rates increase

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Feb 28, 2024 |

The Canterbury Regional Council has announced a proposed 24.2 percent increase increase in rates to support its Long-Term Plan for 2024-34.

This proposed increase is part of the Council’s draft consultation document, which outlines a $346.3 million work package for the first year, aimed at addressing environmental and community needs.

The Council is gearing up for a public consultation period from 13 March to 14 April 2024, inviting community feedback on its 10-year work plan and funding strategies.

This will allow residents to express their priorities and concerns regarding the allocation of resources to various services, including Environmental Regulation and Protection, Community Preparedness and Response to Hazards, and Public Transport.

Chair Peter Scott said “It’s been a real balance, as we weigh up the ‘must-do’ work with affordability.”

He said the proposed rate increase reflects the Council’s response to various pressures, including central government policies, community expectations, and environmental challenges.

“The proposed rates rise reflects the full impact of the pressures regional government is under.”

The strategy for the proposed work includes a mix of rates, grants, fees, charges, and additional borrowing of $16.4 million.

The Council is also considering targeted rates for specific areas, such as Christchurch and Banks Peninsula for biodiversity improvements, and the Selwyn district for river resilience projects.

Scott is urging residents to review the proposals and engage in discussions.

“We won’t know what trade-offs you’re prepared to make, or if you’re comfortable with where we’ve landed, unless you tell us.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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