Driver’s lucky escape after flipping car upside down on Dyers Pass Road

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jun 15, 2024 |

A driver has had a lucky escape after flipping his car upside down in Christchurch.

A police spokesperson said the crash happened at 1.25PM on Dyers Pass Road between Hackthorne Road and Victoria Park Road.

A nearby hiker, who was one of the first people on the scene, said he heard “the screech of the car and then a loud bang.”

“We heard yelling and ran down the hill to help.

“The driver was bleeding from his head and from his knees. His pupils were very dilated, I think from the shock of the crash.

“He was pulled out by a cyclist. He narrowly missed a cyclist father son duo.”

A St John spokesperson said they responded with an ambulance and assessed and treated one patient in a minor condition at the scene.

The driver was the sole occupant of the car.

Fire and Emergency crews were also called to the scene.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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