Desperate plea to save father’s life as cancer battle intensifies

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jun 03, 2023 |

Dan with partner Sarah and their two children Dylan and Alyssa. (supplied)

A close friend of a terminally ill Christchurch father of two is spearheading a fundraising campaign to gather enough funds for specialised treatment in Mexico.

36-year-old Dan was diagnosed with advanced-stage bowel cancer in December and his condition has rapidly deteriorated.

The devastating news came from the hospital oncologist, who informed Dan’s family that he has a mere 3-6 months left to live.

The cancer has spread extensively, rendering surgical intervention impossible.

Toni, a close friend of Dan, said “in a race against time, the family’s only hope lies in seeking alternative and holistic cancer treatment at the “renowned” Hope 4 Cancer clinic in Mexico.”

To cover the costs of the specialised care, $90,000 needs to be raised.

“This urgent plea for help aims to secure Dan’s chance at survival, ensuring that his children do not have to grow up without their loving father.”

Toni, along with a vast network of supporters, has turned to social media to rally support.

While the donation page indicates that some funds have already been contributed, some of that money has been allocated to cover Dan’s previous treatments, rent, childcare, and daily expenses.

Dan’s partner Sarah has documented his journey on his Instagram which was initially used for his popular food truck Street Bowls.

Toni said “we need this opportunity to give Dan any chance of survival. It absolutely kills me to say this, but without Mexico, he will die, and I will not sit back and just let it happen.”

To support Dan’s cause and contribute to the fundraising efforts you can donate here.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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