Kaikōura highway delays this week

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Oct 01, 2021 |

Motorists passing through Kaikōura, to the south from Peketa to Goose Bay, will face delays up to 30 minutes this week.

SH1 south of the town will face short-term closures from 7 am to 5 pm each weekday until 8 October.

NZTA Journey Manager Tresca Forrester said crews will do their best to minimise delays and aim to keep them under 30 minutes

“For the first week of the school holidays, these delays will taper off and should be much less frequent.”

Abseiling engineering teams who have been installing rockfall safety fencing along hillsides and the canopy rockfall road protection major installation are now wrapping up their projects and removing their machinery and materials from the sites.

Helicopter lifts are needed to access these sites, which involves closing both lanes during daytime hours.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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