David Hasselhoff spotted in Christchurch’s central city

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 18, 2023 |

Christchurch resident Sheldon Taramai poses for a photo with David Hasselhoff Photo: Supplied

American actor David Hasselhoff​ has been spotted in Christchurch’s central city.

‘The Hoff’, known for his role as a lifeguard in TV series Baywatch has been in New Zealand on a filming assignment.

Kylie Hancock told Chris Lynch Media her work colleague took the photo of the actor with her partner Sheldon Taramai on High Street in Christchurch’s central city, opposite the ONE NZ building.

He had a film crew with him she said.

“They asked politely for a photo and he was really friendly and happy to take the photo.

“They then asked him to take a second photo without his hat and sun glasses to show it was him and he was more than happy to.”

Two weeks ago Hasselhoff was spotted in Auckland.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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