curfew in Alice Springs for the next three nights due to a series of violent incidents

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jul 08, 2024 |

The Northern Territory police commissioner has announced a curfew in Alice Springs for the next three nights due to a series of violent incidents in the town.

The curfew, which will run from 10 pm to 6 am, applies to both children and adults.

Commissioner Michael Murphy had been contemplating the curfew since Sunday, after what NT Police Minister Brent Potter called a “horror 72 hours” in the Red Centre.

The Declaration has been made following several serious incidents within the declared CBD area over the past 72 hours, including civil disturbances involving large scale public fighting, assaults upon persons, the unlawful discharge of fireworks into a business premises and stolen motor vehicles being driven dangerously.

Under a Declaration, police have powers to control the movement of people in order to prevent, stop or reduce public disorder in the declared area.

The police powers came into force on 1 June 2024.

The amendments empower the Commissioner to make a Public Disorder Declaration in an area where public disorder is occurring or where there is an imminent risk of public disorder occurring.

During a PDD Police must ensure that directions are given in a manner that is likely to be heard by all persons.

Failure to comply with a direction, without a reasonable reason such as being at, or going to work is an offence (section 135E). The offence can be dealt with by way of infringement.

Commissioner Michael Murphy said, “Northern Territory Police, with the support of interagency partners, will take an educational approach in the implementation of the Public Disorder Declaration.

“The intent of the declaration is to prevent public disorder from occurring within the declared area, with support from additional police and inter-agency patrols within the Alice Springs CBD.

“We encourage everyone to familiarise themselves with the requirements of the declaration to support our efforts towards a safer Alice Springs.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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