Couple in ‘utter disbelief’ after winning $12.3 million

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Mar 07, 2024 |

An Otago couple in ‘utter disbelief’ following their monumental $12.3 million Powerball victory last Saturday.

Choosing to keep their identities private, the pair, devoted MyLotto players, secured a Triple Dip ticket after a modest win in the preceding draw.

“We actually won $25 in the previous draw, so that paid for our next ticket which was sweet,” the man reflected.

On the eventful Saturday night, he took to MyLotto to verify their ticket’s fate.

“I don’t usually watch the draw play, but it was pretty cool following the numbers as they circled, the first was in the middle, then right, then left, and before I knew it, I was staring at a full line. It blew my mind! I called my partner over to check what I was seeing, and we were in utter disbelief!” he recounted with excitement.

The discovery left them restless, plunging them into a whirlwind of emotions.

“We just keep saying to each other ‘did that really happen?’ It’s such a crazy feeling.”

The reality of their windfall dawned upon them with the sight of their augmented bank balance, prompting a modest celebration.

“That’s when it felt real – looking at the bank account and seeing it there.”

Now, with a considerable fortune at their disposal, their foremost intention is to support their loved ones, followed closely by fulfilling long-cherished dreams.

“We are going to take a few days away from reality, stay somewhere nice and then drive back home in a car that’s been on my bucket list for a while,” the man announced, outlining their immediate plans.

You’ve got one chance to fulfill your dreams, and now we’re lucky enough to be able to, so we’ve got to do it!.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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