Council staff tell councillors not to proceed with Gloucester Street upgrades

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 03, 2023 |

Christchurch City Councillors are set to decide whether or not to proceed with planned upgrades to Gloucester Street.

In 2022 the Council was successful in its bid for Streets for People funding from Waka Kotahi to trial improvements between Colombo and Manchester Streets to make the area a shared space and low speed environment.

Plans included changing the street to one-way westbound, widening the footpaths and creating space for gathering, performing and outdoor dining. Following concerns raised by stakeholders the project was paused.

At the 6 September Council meeting, Councillors will consider a report which recommends not proceeding with the project.

“Given the uncertainty and ongoing construction activity on adjacent sites, the timing is currently not appropriate,” the report says. 

The report includes recommendations staff investigate the reuse of assets already purchased, such as seating, plantings and other street furniture.

It also recommends carrying out minor improvements to the kerbs and footpaths to improve access to the new Court Theatre building.

If approved by Councillors, staff will formally notify Waka Kotahi of the decision.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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