Council staff meet with police over “non-permitted events” in Cranmer Square

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jan 12, 2022 |

Christchurch City Council staff have met with the Police to discuss how it can stop Cranmer Square from being used for non-permitted events.

In the past couple of months Cranmer Square has been used regularly for services run by the Destiny Church and for protests organised by the Freedom and Rights Coalition group.

Council General Manager Infrastructure, Planning and Regulatory Services Jane Davis said permits have not been obtained for any of the events, as is required under the Council’s parks bylaw.”

“Cranmer Square is a special park and the only events that we normally allow there are commemorative events, such as ANZAC Day services. It is also in a residential area and the ongoing church services and protests are upsetting the local residents’’

“They are rightly concerned that the organisers of the protests and church services have been erecting temporary stages and portable toilets and operating food trucks without the required permission from the Council.”

“We totally share the frustration of residents who have complained to us about the impacts of the noise and behaviour associated with their events on their neighbourhood. We are pursuing all avenues to minimise, or preferably eliminate, the adverse impacts on the Cranmer Square residents.”

On Tuesday Council staff met with the police to discuss the situation.

“It was a very productive meeting but neither the Council nor the police will be commenting further until we have worked through the next steps. We are hopeful that by working together we can find a resolution.’’

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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