Council plans to slow Christchurch traffic down

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 18, 2023 |

Plans are underway to slow Christchurch motorists down.

Reduced speed limits have been “guided” by new NZTA rules, which direct councils to prepare a long-term speed management plan. 

Over the duration of the Council’s 10-year plan, the Christchurch City Council is proposing that urban streets will be 10km/h in shared spaces, 20km/h in settlements along the coastline such as Rāpaki, local residential streets, outside schools and marae will be 30km/h, busier main streets will become 40km/h and streets that connect people to key destinations like Memorial Avenue, Aldwins Road, Linwood Avenue and Blenheim Road will be 50km/h.  

Rural roads will be 60km/h and 80km/h.  

Transport Operations Manager Stephen Wright said “the council’s vision and principles of the Draft Safer Speed Plan have been informed by residents’ feedback on our interim plan.

“This latest consultation is an opportunity for people to let us know if they have anything else they want us to consider.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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