Council investigates Woolston shipping container site

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Dec 08, 2022 |

Photo: Christchurch City Council / Newsline

The Christchurch City Council is investigating compliance at a Woolston shipping container site following complaints from the public about how the containers are stored.

The Port-link Industrial Park on Cumnor Terrace is located in the Industrial General Zone, which means industrial activity is permitted, including storing containers.

Head of Regulatory Compliance Tracey Weston said they’re investigating to see if the activity is compliant with these rules.

“We’re looking at the height of the shipping containers, the setback areas, noise and earthworks. The landowner and site occupier are engaging constructively with our investigation”

“We’re working with the landowner and site occupier, and their planning consultants on a way forward.In particular, the container stack closest to the walkway has been moved back from the landscape setback area.”

A resource consent has been lodged for “departing” from some rules for the industrial activity at the site.

Head of Planning and Consents John Higgins said “to ensure a comprehensive assessment of the application is undertaken, a decision on the application by a Planning Commissioner is unlikely to be made until next year. In the meantime, the applicant has agreed to stop using the landscape setback area as storage for shipping containers until they get resource consent for that use.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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