Council introduces new bylaw on kerbside bins

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 15, 2023 |

Christchurch residents now have a more extended period to report missing kerbside bins, thanks to Bylaw.

Resource Recovery Manager Alec McNeil highlighted that although a legal review was due in 2025, the Council proactively undertook the revision to ensure the bylaws remain effective and relevant.

The new bylaw aligns with recent updates in the Waste Minimisation Act regulations and council’s climate resilience strategy.

Under the new bylaw, residents now have up to 48 hours post-collection day to report their kerbside bins as missing or stolen, a significant extension from the previous 24-hour window.

The bylaw also introduces several other amendments.

Multi-unit residential developments can now opt out of Council’s kerbside collection services under specific conditions.

Additionally, new requirements are set for waste management plans in various sectors, including multi-unit residential developments, demolition and construction activities, and large-scale events.

The Council is tackling the issue of unwanted unaddressed mail and advertising material and addressing the litter nuisance surrounding donation boxes in public spaces.

New standards will be established for recycling and diverted material collection points, and there are updated rules for waste handling and disposal facilities, including cleanfills.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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