Christchurch Corrections workers strike

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Apr 20, 2023 |

Photo: Jaden Twiss

Christchurch Corrections workers were among 1900 Public Service Association members who walked off the job today to demand better pay and working conditions.

The two-hour strike, which began at 2pm, follows similar action taken last week, with another strike scheduled for 27 April.

This marks the first time that these workers have gone on strike since 2001, and it comes after nine months of negotiations with Corrections.

The PSA Lead Organiser, Josephine O’Connor, stated that the workers had little choice but to continue with the action as the existing pay offer is inadequate.

“We remain frustrated with Corrections, so workers are left with little choice but to continue this action to send a strong message that the existing pay offer is inadequate,” said O’Connor.

The workers affected include electronic monitoring staff, practice leaders, probation officers, bail support officers, community work supervisors, and program facilitators.

“We need an offer that properly recognises the pressures on the households of members and the valuable work our members do to keep communities safe.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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