Cookie Time to open second New Zealand Cookie Bar

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 17, 2022 |

Cookie Time is gearing up to open its second New Zealand Cookie Bar, in George Street Dunedin. 

Cookie Time Co-Founder and Managing Director Guy Pope-Mayell said Dunedin was chosen as the second New Zealand location due to its links with Cookie Time history. 

 “We’re now in our 40th year of business, so it felt fitting to loop back to the first place where we ever sold cookies outside of our home base. We launched Cookie Time by delivering 70 jars of cookies to 70 Christchurch dairies in 1983. 

“The following year, we expanded to Dunedin, and then eventually nationwide. So Dunedin has a special place in the Cookie Time world – and we’re thrilled to bring the magical, high energy explosion of flavour and colour that is the Cookie Bar to the heart of the city.” 

 The first Cookie Time Cookie bar opened in Queenstown in 2010, followed by an international flagship Cookie Bar in Harajuku, Tokyo, in 2013. Vibrant, fun and interactive, the Cookie Bars are designed to be the hottest place in town for cookies and their perfect partners, plus instore karaoke and gift merchandise. 

Guy Pope-Mayell says the second New Zealand Cookie Bar has been a while in the making. 

“It may seem like a long time between freakshakes in New Zealand. But we’ve put a lot of time and thought into testing and proof pointing the concept domestically and internationally, and then of course the pandemic put the brakes on for a couple of years.

“Now we’ve moving into full roll-out mode, and are looking to open a new location each year over the next five years,” he says. 

Internationally, there is also a Cookie Bar project underway in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

The Dunedin Cookie Bar is scheduled to open to the public on Saturday November 26, with a private opening party the night before.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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