Construction begins on new inpatient wards at Christchurch Hospital

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Apr 14, 2023 |

Construction has begun on new inpatient wards at Christchurch Hospital

Construction has officially begun on a new tower at Christchurch Hospital as part of the Waipapa Building.

The new tower, which will comprise six storeys, will be a continuation of the campus redevelopment works that were initiated in 2020.

Upon completion, it will provide an additional 160 beds, with 64 available immediately upon opening.

The remaining 96 beds will be available after the fit-out of the remaining floors, which will be the next stage of development.

Canterbury Executive Director of Infrastructure, Dr Rob Ojala, said that the new tower was a significant milestone for the region, representing a firm commitment to modern, fit-for-purpose inpatient wards.

He added that ensuring new hospital buildings were fit-for-purpose and future-proofed was an essential part of the design process.

The Waipapa Acute Services Building, comprising two towers, was completed in 2020 and is currently the largest hospital building in the South Island, with a total floor area of 62,000 square metres.

The additional tower will add a further 16,000 square metres, bringing the total number of beds in the Waipapa Building to 464.

The budget for the Waipapa Building project is $184 million, with almost $30 million allocated for enabling works that have been underway since 2022.

The new tower is designed to match the footprint, facade, and internal design of the current towers, with seismic strengthening and resilience to withstand earthquakes and provide health services immediately post-disaster being integral to the design.

In addition to the Waipapa Building project, work is progressing on the redevelopment of the Parkside building wards on the Christchurch Hospital campus.

These wards are being reconfigured from six-bed wards to four multi-bed rooms, with a separate toilet and shower in each room.

The third tower is expected to be completed by the third quarter of 2025.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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