Ilam MP urging residents to get in touch over dodgy cell coverage at McLeans Island

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Apr 19, 2022 |

Ilam MP Sarah Pallett (photo: Supplied)

The MP for Ilam is urging residents who experience patchy cell coverage at McLeans Island to get in touch.

Recreational users in the area have had a gutsful of bad cellphone coverage and have asked the MP to raise their concerns with Spark.

McLeans Island is home to sports and recreation facilities including McLeans Island Golf Club, the National Equestrian Centre Christchurch, and tourist attraction Orana Wildlife Park.

Concerns have also been raised over whether emergency calls can be made in the area.

Ilam MP Sarah Pallett said her office has fielded multiple complaints on the issue.

McLeans Island Golf Club

“Cellphone coverage at McLeans Island has always been patchy. However, it is undeniably essential that emergency calls are able to be made, especially as this area is well used for equestrian activities and mountain biking.”

She said a representative from Spark confirmed to her that the Vodafone site with 2degrees co-locating on the nearest tower provides coverage in McLeans Island.

“In an emergency, (calls to 111) will be picked up by the closest network regardless of the network you subscribe to.”

Pallett said, “this is good news as it ensures that emergency calls can be made by anyone with a mobile phone including Spark customers.”

“I also highlighted the issue of Spark customers not being able to make regular calls or send texts.“

“Spark is aware of their coverage issues in the McLeans Island area and has advised me that this area is being considered as part of the evaluation for their national build programme.”

On Spark’s coverage map, 3G network coverage at McCleads Island is considered “good.” 4G coverage is considered “fair.”

Pallett is interested to hear from any other residents who have any further issues or concerns.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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