Five crew rescued from grounded yacht

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Mar 21, 2024 |

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A recreational yacht has run aground near Pāua-o-Hinekotau Head, west of Diamond Harbour.

Five crew members were rescued last night by Naval Point Yacht Club race management and other members of the club who transported the crew to safety after trying to free the boat off the rocks.

The 12-metre racing yacht now sits aground at the base of a cliff, a location challenging to access by foot, with 15 litres of diesel on board in sealed tanks.

Despite the potential environmental risks, authorities have assessed the impact risk from the diesel as low.

Environment Canterbury Regional On-Scene Commander Emma Parr said “weather conditions are not favourable today, which means that a safe recovery attempt may not be possible prior to SailGP.

“The Port was closed overnight as a precaution due to the vessel being unsecure and the potential of floating debris.

The yacht has remained in the same position but is significantly damaged. It is now secure via ropes to the shore,” Parr said.

“We are currently monitoring the situation closely and working with the owner, insurers and salvors to collect debris as required.

“There may be loose debris under the surface of the water. We are asking the public to stay well clear of this operational area.”

Despite the ongoing efforts to address the aftermath of the yacht’s grounding, the SailGP event is expected to proceed as scheduled this weekend.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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