VIDEO: ‘Clever’ spooktacular house wins best dressed

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Nov 01, 2023 |

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Caution: article consists of fictional spooky set-ups purely for the enjoyment of Halloween.

A Rangiora family has won best-decorated Halloween house for the third year running.

The Southbrook property owners won the local competition with a large majority of the vote, at 52 percent, with the runner-up in at 9 percent.

Dion said, “We had an awesome evening, with lots of people through. Makes all the work worth it. Was definitely a great night for my family and I.”

The Rangiora family has participated in the tradition of decorating their home for four years. It takes them one month to plan and prepare the set-up, and one day to install their spooktacular show.

“I do it to see the reaction from people when they get a bit of a fright. Most people love it. It’s a really fun night and well organised. My kids enjoy watching people get a fright,” Dion said.

Trick or Treating in Rangiora organiser Tara Gibson said, “I think everyone loves his setup because it’s always slightly different from the year before and he always put so much effort into making it come alive — in a haunted, scary kinda way.”

Gibson said that Dion’s creations in the past have included a “front loader washing machine with a head and blood spinning in it was one year. Wicked photo booth he made another year.

“This year was moving walls, a skeleton sitting up in its coffin when you walk passed and the ground moving where he set up a grave. He’s a very clever man,” Gibson said.

Southbrook property that won best-decorated Halloween house. Supplied.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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