City Councillor says St George’s Maternity Hospital will stay open

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
May 31, 2022 |

A Christchurch City Councillor believes St George’s Maternity Hospital will stay open.

An official announcement is expected at 1.30pm Tuesday.

Councillor James Gough said he was “expecting St. George’s Maternity to stay open”

“I believe that it will be announced later today that St George’s will continue to provide its much needed and highly valued maternity care and post-natal service.”

“Permanent closure of the unit was an option being considered but I understand that this will not be pursued.”

“A huge thank you to MERAS, Rata Midwives, and the tremendous number of supporters from the wider community.”

Gough said “crucially, thank you to St. George’s Hospital and its CEO Blair Roxborough. I appreciate the immense challenges around staffing shortages however you provide a spectacular service and the outcry against any proposed closure was a testament to all you do. Long may it continue.”

In April, Christchurch midwives and their supporters matched to St George’s Hospital in Merivale and hand-delivered a petition of more than 30,000 people, to keep the maternity unit open.

The petition was created by Rata Midwives.

Midwife Sheena Ross said at the time, the potential closure would devastate the birthing sector of Christchurch.

“Evidence is clear that removing this choice for women will result in harm.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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