Christchurch’s only 24-Hour surgery announces overnight closures amidst critical nursing shortage

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 23, 2023 |

Christchurch’s only 24 Hour Surgery has scheduled a number of overnight closures in the coming two weeks.

The facility on Madras Street will be closed between midnight and 8am on Thursday 24 August, Saturday 26 August, Wednesday 30 August, Thursday 31 August and Sunday 3 September.

General Manager Patient and Provider Services, Lisa Brennan, said “we are committed to ensuring the safety of patients.

“We are currently facing nursing shortages and have had to schedule closures to ensure that we have enough nurses available to provide a safe service during our busier times.”

“24 Hour Surgery will not be staffed from midnight to 8am on the scheduled closure dates.

“To ensure all patients are seen and discharged, 24 Hour Surgery will need to stop accepting new patients two to three hours before the closure.

“We ask people to visit to learn more about the healthcare choices available to them. Those with urgent medical concerns should call Healthline on 0800 611 116.

“In an emergency, always call 111 or go to the Emergency Department at Christchurch Hospital.

“There are nursing shortages across the Canterbury health system. Recent increases in pay rates for hospital nurses recognise the important role nurses have.

“Funding has been slower to reach nurses working in the community and general practice.

“We have had nurses leave to work in hospitals and we are not able to compete with the wages they offer.

“Unfortunately, there will be more closures while our nursing shortage continues.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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