Christchurch’s Emergency Department warns public not to come unless it’s an emergency

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
May 30, 2022 |

Emergency Department staff are urging to public to stay away, unless it’s a real emergency.

Following an increase in viral respiratory illness being seen in the community, Christchurch Hospital’s Emergency Department continues to experience a high number of presentations.

Over the weekend, more than 700 people presented at ED which led to long wait times for those with less serious illnesses.

ED Clinical Director Dr Mark Gilbert said it would be incredibly helpful if people make use of the various care options available to them or managed minor ailments at home if they don’t have serious emergency needs.

“This will enable our ED staff to focus on those who really need emergency care and continue to provide quality care, particularly over weekends.”

“I would like to emphasise though, that if you are really unwell, we want to see you at ED.”

If you’re worried about yourself, or someone in your whanau who has a respiratory illness, see the checklist here of symptoms to watch out for, and when you should seek medical advice.

Canterbury DHB’s Senior Responsible Officer for Winter Planning, Becky Hickmott said influenza is now circulating in the community and DHB and community healthcare staff are also being affected by winter illnesses.

“It’s really important that we keep up the healthy habits that can prevent illness from spreading such as physical distancing and wearing masks. Help our clinical teams and our most vulnerable people by keeping up all the really great habits we have learnt over the past two years.”

“Your general practice or healthcare provider should be your first port of call if your health issue is not an emergency.  Please plan ahead as much as possible for your routine health care, and book early. Your usual healthcare provider will offer some urgent appointments when required. It’s important to call your General Practice team if you’re concerned.”

Christchurch Hospital’s ED is the sole emergency medical facility in the city and one of the busiest in Australasia.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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