Christchurch residents warned about Covid19 “home-based” vaccination scam

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 19, 2021 |

Christchurch residents are being warned about a Covid19 “home-based vaccination” scam.

The Canterbury District Health Board said they have received reports of two men going door to door in Addington offering home-based COVID-19 appointments for a fee.

The men are reportedly claiming to be health officials and trying to charge people using a mobile eftpos device.

This is a scam and should be reported to police.

A Ministry of Health spokesperson said Covid-19 vaccinations are being offered free to every eligible New Zealander who chooses to receive them.

All vaccinations are being led by locally by District Health Boards and are delivered by healthcare service providers in their communities, such as GPs, pharmacies, whanau ora and other legitimate providers.

Therefore, anyone trying to charge for vaccinations, or arriving unannounced and going door to door claiming to be from the Ministry of Health and offering vaccinations is not legitimate.

While in some cases, home vaccinations may be being offered by DHBs for those unable to make it to a clinic, this would not occur without prior contact from their healthcare provider.  

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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