Christchurch Pursuit: Police chase concludes with arrest in Northcote

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jun 23, 2024 |
Police car / file

A police chase spanning a large area of Christchurch ended in Northcote on Sunday night.

Witnesses reported seeing the pursuit across multiple areas of Christchurch, beginning just after 8PM, with sightings in Burwood among other locations.

A witness reported seeing “five police cars in quick succession flying down Langdons Road with sirens on.”

The chase concluded when the fleeing vehicle was halted at the intersection of Wilmot Street and Harewood Road.

It’s understood police spikes were used.

Chris Lynch Media has been told the offender was tasered after trying to run from the scene.

The Papanui Spiritual Centre was placed into lockdown while police apprehended the offender.

A church member said they were having their weekly meeting when they heard “heaps of sirens.”

“Then we realised something was up when we saw all the flashing lights through the big windows facing Harewood Road.”

A police officer instructed the church to go into lockdown.

“We thought it was best to move to another area of the building away from windows.

“Police cars were everywhere even in our carpark.

“We just had a cuppa together and waited for police to advise when we could leave.

Some people were more affected by the situation than others, but it was a good outcome.”


Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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