Christchurch police hunt offender who pointed laser at rescue chopper

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Apr 14, 2024 |


Christchurch police are hunting the offender who pointed a green laser at a rescue helicopter last night.

A police spokesman told Chris Lynch Media police received a report of a laser being shone briefly at a helicopter as it was landing at Christchurch Hospital at 7pm.

The offender is believed to have been in the Riccarton Ave area.

Police made area enquiries – however were unable to locate the suspect the spokesman said.

Civil Aviation Authority said all reports of laser attacks are treated seriously by the authority and police.

If you witness a laser attack in progress or think you are seeing unsafe laser use, call 111 immediately and ask for the police.

It is illegal to point a laser at aircraft under the Civil Aviation Act, as the sharp light can cause the pilot disorientation and temporary blindness.

If the offender is caught, they could face up to 14 years in prison.

 Anyone with information should call 105 and reference the event number P058428046.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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