Christchurch Lotto Player wins first division

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jan 10, 2024 |

A lucky Christchurch Lotto player has won $1 million with First Division on Wednesday night.  

The winning ticket was sold on MyLotto to a player from Christchurch City. 

Wednesday’s winning numbers were 4, 5, 12, 13, 28 and 34. The bonus ball was 24 and powerball was 4. 

Powerball was not struck and has rolled over to Saturday night, where the jackpot will be $8 million.

 Strike Four also rolled over and will be $1 million on Saturday, meaning it will be a Must Be Won draw.

In a Strike Must Be Won draw, if no single ticket wins First Division, the prize pool is added to the next highest division with a winner.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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