Christchurch Lotto player wins $1 million

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Aug 28, 2021 |

A lucky Lotto player from Christchurch has become the newest member of Lotto NZ’s exclusive millionaires club after winning $1 million with Lotto First Division in tonight’s Lotto draw. 

The winning ticket was sold on MyLotto to a player from Christchurch.

Powerball was not struck this evening and has rolled over to Wednesday night, where the jackpot will be $6 million.   

Meanwhile, a lucky Strike player will also be celebrating tonight after winning $200,000 with Strike Four. The winning Strike ticket was sold on MyLotto to a player from Bay of Plenty.

Anyone who bought their ticket from MyLotto should check their ticket as soon as possible online at or through the Lotto NZ App.   

Lotto NZ counters in retail stores are closed until the lockdown has been lifted.

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Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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