Christchurch housing rules change this month allowing more intensification

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Sep 02, 2022 |

Christchurch’s planning rules will change significantly this month allowing more housing and development as a result of a government mandate.

New Government Medium Density Residential Standards enables up to three homes, up to 12 metres high (generally three storeys) to be built on a section in most residential areas of the city, without resource consent.

Council Head of Planning and Consents John Higgins said while there has been some feedback from the community with concerns about notifying the plan changes, the Council was legally required to make changes to its District Plan to implement government legislation.

Some amendments have already been made in response to community feedback provided earlier this.

Those amendments include creating three more character areas in Linwood and Barrington, resource consents for sites in some zones adjoining the 11 proposed Residential Heritage Areas, introducing a 90 metre building height limit for the Central City, except for the Victoria Street commercial area and sites around Cathedral Square which are proposed to have a height limit of 45 metres. The Arts Centre and New Regent Street are also proposed to have lower height limits due to their special heritage characteristics.

 “We have listened to the community where we can, within the bounds of the legislation and while still meeting the high evidence threshold required. We have also further tested some of our evidence base and made amendments where required,” Mr Higgins says.

If the Council gives its approval at the 8 September Council meeting, the Plan Changes will be publicly notified on Friday 23 September 2022 and will go out for formal consultation the same day.

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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