Christchurch City Councillors consider bylaw aimed at addressing aggressive begging

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch
Jul 03, 2024 |

Christchurch City Councillors are considering implementing a bylaw aimed at addressing aggressive begging and anti-social behaviour.

As first reported by, residents raised concerns about safety related to begging in April.

Councillors have been examining similar bylaws in Wellington and Auckland.

At a council meeting on Wednesday, Central Ward Councillor Jake McLellan said he would never support an outright ban on begging, emphasising that the focus should be on reducing anti-social behaviour.

While some residents believe the beggars are homeless, the Christchurch City Missioner said they are not.

In April, Corinne Haines told “We are aware of the problem with aggressive beggars at Stanmore. Most aggressive beggars are not people experiencing homelessness, although they can present themselves as being homeless or are mistaken by residents as homeless.”

“Our Outreach Service has visited the area and monitors it. Our role is to support people who are experiencing homelessness and rough sleeping. Most of the people causing problems for residents at Stanmore have a place to stay,” Haines said.

“The most important thing residents can do is don’t give beggars money. Giving money leads to this kind of situation and escalates aggressiveness,” she said.

“Residents experiencing threatening behaviour should report this to the police.”

Chris Lynch
Chris Lynch

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